Everything Changes, When You Start To Emit Your Own Frequency…

In our day-to-day lives, during this incarnation, we tend to receive and absorb the positive and negative energies of those around us. While, in some circumstances, this can be a ‘good’ thing, we run the risk of forgetting who we really are; what our personality comprises of, and what makes us different and unique. Thus, it is essential to try

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Seek People Who Can Talk About Love, The Universe, The Soul & Consciousness

This physical journey, being had by our spiritual selves, can sometimes feel like an incredibly lonely experience. For, even though family and friends may surround us, unless you have awoken from the age-old slumber of humanity, then finding fellow souls with whom you can confide in can be extremely hard. That is why, in part, I have a ‘Spiritual People

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What The Physical Eye Cannot See, The Heart Can Still Sense

Without faith, we cannot ‘see’ that which is hidden from our gaze. Faith is one of the most important traits to have as we embark upon our spiritual journey because the spiritual world is not currently revealed to the human eye. Whilst science cannot prove the existence of the spiritual world, at least, not yet, scientists still have the ability

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