A Healthy Body Can Mean A Healthy Soul

Much has been written about how important it is to look after your physical body, for the relatively short amount of time our soul occupies such.

And apart from the obvious benefits that living a healthy lifestyle can have on your mental health as well as your physical body, it is often overlooked just how big an effect being healthy can have on your soul too.

For example, drinking lots of clean and pure water is an essential part of ensuring that your body is able to receive the many different spiritual energies which are around us, but which evade the gaze of the physical eye.

I mention water specifically, because sugary drinks and drinks which are full of artificial ingredients will only have the opposite effect on your spiritual energy; they will effectively degrade it rather than invigorate it.

In general, more and more people are taking more notice of what they eat and where what they eat has actually come from.

This can only be a good thing in relation to the waves of spiritual awakening that are washing over much of humanity, leading to more and more souls waking up from the slumber that humanity currently finds itself in.

Wherever and whenever you can, try to make the effort to look after your body – your physical vessel.

We would not expect our motor vehicles to function well if we filled them up with dirty fuel and yet too often we are willing to put ‘dirty’ fuel into our own bodies….

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