A Spiritual Awakening Is Coming

Many of you already feel a deeper connection to your spiritual selves. And this feeling and intuition is no mere accident nor is it purely a coincidence.

A new epoch has been prophesied throughout the ages. Although, there has been much confusion in relation to what this prophecy actual means and how it shall manifest itself.

In my eyes, and in the eyes of many, this new epoch will be a spiritual one.

Indeed, the reason why I set up this community (see below), was to try and unite all they who have awoken from the slumber of humanity, into the dawn of this new era.

It does not matter which religion you follow, what the colour of your skin is, what your sexual orientation is or what gender you are; all are welcome to join the newly awakened legions of the spiritual seekers of truth.

You will notice, over time, that materialism will slowly start to give way to spiritualism.

You will notice, that the attitudes and mindsets associated with intolerance and hate, will start to subside and that a new dawn will bring with it a new way of thinking; a new acceptance and a new understanding.

This new epoch will not tell you what you must say, what you must believe in or what you must feel or think.

Instead, the beginning of this new era will enable you to better understand who you really are, by enabling you to connect with your inner-self; the real you – the spiritual you.

This change will not happen overnight. The relative speed of this awakening will depend upon many, many factors.

But the coming of a new age cannot be stopped, because it is willed and it is desired by they who are upon high.

But my message to you is to connect with your inner self.

Understand the love within you that reaches out to you and that desires to lead you into the true light of love.

We are all spiritual brothers and sisters from the same spiritual family.

This concept may be hard for you to understand, but as the truth within you starts to connect with your soul, then all shall become clear.

As more and more of our brothers and sisters start to wake up, then so too will our spiritual family here, on earth, start to grow.

In truth, our civilisation cannot continue as it is.

Humanity has a weight on its shoulders that cannot be carried by materialism. In order for us to prevail, we need to embrace the love that dwells within us all.

Love and faith will guide you through these times. A love that has its source from they who reside upon high.

May peace and love continue to be with you, my brothers and sisters of the light…

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