Accessing The Hidden Spiritual Domains & Energies

Any spiritual student will affirm that there is a vast, vast network of hidden spiritual domains. Such domains are hidden from our physical view for good reason.

As a spiritual ‘student’, then we are to discover that which is waiting to be discovered by undertaking and exploring our spiritual selves in this physical world via the journey that we are ALL on.

As a rather crude analogy, ponder perhaps that we would not expect to be told the ‘answers’ when sitting an exam or whilst preparing for an exam.

Rather, the purpose of the ‘exam’ itself is to find out what we have learnt whilst we have studied for such an exam.

Thus, that which is hidden from our view is hidden for a very good reason. We cannot expect to be told the answer to a question, without trying to find the answer for ourselves.

I guess you might say that, in that in the above example, then the ‘exam’ is learning about ‘process’ that our soul goes through when we make the transition from the physical world to the spiritual one.

We are given the opportunity to reflect upon what we have learnt during this short physical life as we transition between the physical world and the spiritual one.

But, that is not to say that you cannot  access the ‘spiritual circuits’ and energies which are associated with these vast spiritual domains.

For example, the indigenous tribes of the Amazon have been using Ayahuasca for thousands of years in order to bridge the gap between the physical world, the lowest level of spiritual existence, and the first tier of the spiritual world.

Remember, that there are still many, many different ‘levels’, or tiers, and existences beyond the spiritual domain that comes immediately after this physical life, but using Ayahuasca enables our soul to peer into the ‘next’ tier in the vast, vast spiritual ascension scheme.

I would not recommend that anyone try Ayahuasca unless under the supervision of the wise souls whom have been using this plant extract to journey ‘across the border’ from the physical to the spiritual.

Instead, I would urge you to concentrate on your meditation.

To allow yourself time to practice ‘leaving’ (in conscience) this ‘time’ and ‘place’ just for a few minutes as your soul starts to receive the vast energies from the infinite spiritual realms.

Meditation takes a lot of practice and a lot of self discipline and it is unlikely, but not impossible, to get results straight away.

And you should not enter sessions of meditation with any preconceived ‘expectations’.

Instead, allow the spiritual circuits to ‘connect’ with your soul and see what happens…And this is how you really can access the vast network of spiritual circuits.


I have written a book that is intended to act as a guide and as a companion for those of you who are ‘aware’ of your spiritual self.

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