Are You An Empath?

As you advance and progress along your spiritual path, there is a very high chance and probability that, at some point during your spiritual awakening, you will start to be able to ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ the emotions of those around you without having to be told how people are feeling.

At first, you might start to wonder as to why you are constantly experiencing shifts in your own emotions just from being in the company of others. This could be the company of your friends and family, or the company of your work colleagues.

One minute you may feel positive and full of energy, only to quickly find that, because of the people you are around at that particular moment in time, you will soon swing to the opposite end of the emotional energy spectrum and feel negative and sad instead.

Learning to control these constant shifts in energy is an important hurdle to overcome before you can advance deeper into the mystical reality of spiritual truth.

This is why many people who are advancing along their spiritual journey and path seek out solitude.

Empaths will often find comfort in their own company, or the company of nature, because their own energies are not being subjected to constant shifts from being around people who are perhaps yet to awaken from the slumber of day-to-day material living.

Thus, if you have a loved one or a friend who is advancing well along their own spiritual path and yet you find they can sometimes become anxious or nervous around you, or when around your friends and family, then, chances are, they are able to ‘read’ your emotions.

My advice to any empath, is to try and control the energies which your own spiritual energy ‘absorbs’.

If you are around people who are perhaps emanating a negative energy, then visualise your own positive energy suddenly receiving a ‘boost’ of euphoric positive energy from the ‘ether’, or, from the divine source of pure love.

If you are not able to effectively manifest this visualisation, then perhaps spend some time meditating on the process of ‘topping up’ your spiritual energy from the infinite reserves of the vast Cosmos.

By adopting and, eventually, mastering these techniques, then you will be able to better prepare yourself to be around energies of varying polarity.

My advice to anyone whose loved one is an empath, is to give them space. Don’t feel upset if your partner tells you that they need some time alone.

Allow them time to ‘re-charge’ their own spiritual energy and thus their own emotions.

Understand that their ability to be able to ‘sense’ your emotions is because their ability to read and sense emotional energies is an important step as they progress further along their spiritual path.

A spiritual path that we are ALL on, but always aware of.

If you are an empath and you are currently experiencing volatility and feelings of isolation on your own spiritual journey, then I have written a book that is intended to act as a ‘guide’ for you; a companion to show that you are not alone:




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