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What The Physical Eye Cannot See, The Heart Can Still Sense

Without faith, we cannot ‘see’ that which is hidden from our gaze. Faith is one of the most important traits to have as we embark upon our spiritual journey because the spiritual world is not currently revealed to the human eye. Whilst science cannot prove the existence of the spiritual world, at least, not yet, scientists still have the ability

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What Do We ‘Know’ Of The Spiritual Path Ahead Of Us?

When reading these words, I encourage you to interpret them with an open mind. The level of spiritual insight needed by the reader in order to truly interpret what I am about to write is relatively advanced. That is not to say that my spiritual brothers and sisters who have recently embarked upon their own spiritual awakening will not be

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It’s Never Too Late To Change The Direction Of Your Life | Personal Development

There might be a chance that you are reading this and you are thinking about changing the direction of your life, but that something is putting you off from making the ‘big’ decision. There could be many reasons (s) for your hesitancy, but one factor that might be working to inhibit your decision-making process, is time. The linear way in

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The Light Of The Eternal Love Will Always Find Your Soul. As Long As You Let It..

Picture in your minds, a central source of eternal love. When I say ‘central’ I would like you to envision what you perceive to be the centre of ALL things. A place that many people will know as ‘paradise’. Once you have an image of this light in your mind, then shut your eyes and imagine this divine light filling

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