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Sometimes We Should Take The Time To Appreciate The Things Which We Take For Granted

We all, at some point, perhaps take for granted the things which once inspired us. The sun setting…The moon rising or the flowers blossoming… But what if we could look on in marvel at everyday things which no-longer fill us with wonder and amazement? What effect would and could this have on our spiritual energy? Our souls are invigorated by

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Your Mental Health Is As Important As Your Spiritual Health

In today’s modern age, more and more people are finding it difficult to maintain their mental health. There are many reasons for this, but our ability to easily consume news and information which is ‘negative’ forms a big part of what is going on in relation to our mental health. You only need to pick up a newspaper, watch the

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You Can Only Get Out Of A Relationship, What You Put In | Personal Development

I am always saddened whenever I see the breakdown of a relationship. Whether this be a relationship between friends, family or partners. A bond that was once incredibly strong, becomes shattered. Of course, some relationships do fizzle out naturally and the individuals in such a relationship are able to part ways amicably whilst still remaining cordial with each other. And

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Accessing The Hidden Spiritual Domains & Energies

Any spiritual student will affirm that there is a vast, vast network of hidden spiritual domains. Such domains are hidden from our physical view for good reason. As a spiritual ‘student’, then we are to discover that which is waiting to be discovered by undertaking and exploring our spiritual selves in this physical world via the journey that we are

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Why Do We Dream? | Personal Development

‘Why do we dream?’ is a question that often pops up during conversations involving spirituality and personal development. The age-old question about the nature of dreams and why we have them. Whilst sleeping and therefore resting, is essential for our physical body, our spirit, or rather, our soul, does not ‘sleep’. This method of thinking, may seem a little abstract

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