Before You Can Truly Help Others, You Must Find Peace Within Yourself | Personal Development

Those of us whom are on the spiritual path towards the eternal light, know and understand that helping others is a vital and essential part of this truly epic and intensely spiritual journey.

I am sure that many of you, my brothers and sisters, regularly try to help those around you who are in need of such assistance.

But in order to be able to offer your service to those around you in a way that they can benefit from, you should also take the appropriate time to soothe your own mind and to find peace within your own soul.

You should try and find the inner balance that will enable you to tread the tightrope of this physical life.

Of course, that is not to say that we should abandon our efforts to help others whilst we engage in the process of finding innner peace.

Rather, we should take the time, as we help others, to also help ourselves.

Your soul also needs the light of love in order to find true inner balance.

Whilst you are helping others, you should also take the time to accept help from others.

In time, as you find inner peace and embrace its true serenity, then you will become even more better positioned to help your spiritual brothers and sisters as they progress along the spiritual path towards the house of the eternal light.

All that you do to help others, whilst being motivated by love, contributes towards the eternal plan of collective ascension.

What you do matters and what you do is recorded in the eternal halls of records.

As you give love, then so you should also receive it.

As you offer help, then so you shall receive it, without falling into the trap of giving with an expectation of receiving something in return.

Ensure that you tend to your own emotional needs as you tend to the emotional needs of those around you who find themselves experiencing emotional pain and upset.

Say to them: “the light of our eternal father, is with you and you are loved more than you can know. You are not alone in during your hardshi”.

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