Believe In The Signs Which Are Sent For You

Throughout your journey in this particular life, you will experience spiritual signs which lead you towards a specific path.

For, in truth, you have a ‘light’ that guides you towards the reality that you feel in your hearts. Many of you already feel and sense this inner ‘light’.

And the reality that you feel within your heart is founded upon the principles of love and exists to fulfil the destiny that you sense is ahead of you; a future of peace, love, understanding and spiritual harmony.

When you sense that there is a sign before you, then follow it and trust in its message.

Let go of any fears you might have and instead have faith in what is before you.

Remember, that you are energy; thus, when you sense loving energy associated with the sign that presents itself to you, then the sign is intended to lead you closer to the reality that you desire.

There is no definition as to what does and what does not constitute a sign.

It is your instinct, your inner spiritual guidance, that will allow you to truly discern what the message behind the sign might be.

And if you miss one sign, do not worry because other signs will come. You have to remember to be open to them.

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