Believe In Your Ability To Overcome Your Greatest Fears | Spiritual Development

Fear is a natural part of this experience that we refer to as ‘life’. Fear, in part, helps us to preserve our physical bodies by helping to persuade us not to take unecessary risks in our day-to-day lives.

But fear can also cause us to stop venturing into the unknown, when to venture into such a realm could enlighten us further in relation to the mysteries which are before us.

As you venture further along the spiritual path before you, fear will slowly start to erode away.

Whilst fear probably will not completely dissappear, fear becomes more managable the deeper we venture into that which links us to the unseen.

If fear of the unknown is preventing you from exploring your inner spirituality, then know that spirituality is dominated by love.

Love conquers fear, and thus the love within you shall conquer your inner fear, if you let it.

Fear has been used to control humanity for a long time now.

But the distorted truths which have been ‘weaponised’ by they who seek only service to self, will, in time, fall apart.

Evil cannot ‘win’ in a domain where love is the unifying bond of everything; both the seen and the unseen.

Sinners have used fear in order to try and further their own gain for centuries now.

But do such sinners not realise that their perceived ‘control’ is merely an illusion?

We all, every single one of us, during our transition from the physical to the spiritual, must account for our actions before they who are responsible for our being here.

Thus fear, not being conducive with spiritual enlightenment, will only act to keep you from fulfilling your true spiritual destiny at a ‘time’ when the furtherance of your spiritual progression is dependent upon that which you have done in this life.

And to those who use fear to control others, know this: You should refrain from your desire to control those around you when such control is born of a selfish sinful desire.

Because the control that you exercise, in this domain, will always only ever be temporary.

Whereas the spiritual domains, are forever.

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