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The Prayer Of The Spiritual Student | Spiritual Development

If ever you are feeling lost, confused, in a state of sadness or overwhelmed by loneliness, then repeat these words in your silent mind:  ‘The Gods are my caretakers. I shall not stray. ‘Side-by-side, they lead me in the beautiful paths and glorious refreshing of life everlasting. ‘I shall not, in this divine presence, want for food nor thirst for

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There IS Meaning Behind Everything…

You have probably heard the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ at some point during your life. But have you ever pondered as to what this actually means? This physical life currently being experienced by our souls, is full of extreme ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. Often, during a ‘down’ cycle we will ask ‘why me?’ or ‘why is this happening?’ and

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When You Least Expect It, A Sign Will Be Sent For You | Spiritual Development

When we think about ‘signs’ being sent to us from the truly vast unseen spiritual realms, then our material (human) mind will often conjure up images of what it thinks these signs should look like based largely upon the experiences of others which have been shared with us. In truth, spiritual signs can take many different forms and appearances. For

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To Realise Your Full Potential, You Must Embrace Your True Worth

We are each, from a spiritual sense, endowed with the ability to be able to accomplish great things during this particular physical experience that we refer to as ‘life’. Our ability to realise our full spiritual potential can be utilised by many spiritual seekers, regardless of current levels of spiritual awareness. I think that many people are at least aware

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Find Something That Inspires You And Embrace Its Energy…But Why?

In today’s modern world and intense life, it can be all-too-easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chores of everyday life and living. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but you might find that your spiritual energy starts to feel depleted as a result of the constant hustle and bustle. Finding a place, as an example,

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Why We Should ALWAYS Look At Things With A Different Perspective

During your spiritual awakening and during your life-journey in this reality, you will often form an opinion about something or someone that does not change much over time. This is completely natural; as the saying goes ‘first impressions last forever..’ But what if we continued to look at things with a different perspective or from a different ‘angle’? How could

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