Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life

A thought, is just a thought?

A thought is more than an image that you ‘see’ in your mind. It is an intention. It is a desire that can become a reality if you focus on such a thought while enveloping yourself with love.

To change your life, change how you think.

Forget about the thoughts which bring you anxiety, make you feel sad or make you feel down.

When such a thought enters your mind, allow it to leave your mind again and instead replace the negative feeling that made you feel anxious with a view that fills you with love.

We already know, that LOVE really IS the most potent force throughout all of the seven master universes which exist.

Should you desire to change your current life or things in your life, then hold the images of what you want in your mind, while also filling your heart with love.

Every single life form is a segment of intelligent energy; a personality formed within the fabric of the cosmos. You are no different.

When you feel positive, and you feel the love in your heart, then your energy is polarised by the eternal love that permeates throughout the universe.

This is when you are at your most powerful.

This is when you can manifest into your life those things and people which will bring you comfort, fulfilment and enrichment.

Every negative thought can act to destabilise your positive ‘polarity’.

This is why you should focus on positive things and people and allow negative thoughts to simply leave your mind and dissolve into the background of the universe.

While concentrating on positive thoughts, allow your mind to be calm.

Concentrate on your breathing and envision yourself, filling up with love. You will quickly find that you reach a state of inner calm and balance, and it is then when you will be at one with the universe.

Think then of what you want your future to be, but be careful not to obsess over such thoughts.

Obsession can lead to your emotional energy becoming destabilised, so it is important not to obsess over the things you are thinking about.

In time, your positive projections, when accompanied with love, WILL find their way into your life…

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