Everything Changes, When You Start To Emit Your Own Frequency…

In our day-to-day lives, during this incarnation, we tend to receive and absorb the positive and negative energies of those around us.

While, in some circumstances, this can be a ‘good’ thing, we run the risk of forgetting who we really are; what our personality comprises of, and what makes us different and unique.

Thus, it is essential to try and spend some time engaging in activities which will allow you to re-connect with your inner self.

Other than our physical appearance, the one thing that makes us unique, that distinguishes from each other is our personality.

It is the personality of your loved ones that you will ‘recognise’ in the lives which are to come, rather than their physical attributes which make up their appearance in the mansion worlds of heaven.

When you have found yourself once more, you can then start to transmit your own frequency, your intent, upon the universe.

And, for as long as you have love in your hearts, you will reach the destination that you envision in your happiest dreams…

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