Finding Inner Peace Through Contemplative Balance

Much of our day-to-day emotional struggle, is often consumed with trying to think of solutions to problems which we face on a day-to-day basis. Problems which come from daily tasks, chores or indeed relationships.

Naturally, our mind seeks to find solutions to problems which we feel that we must overcome.

The problem in question may be related to; how are we going to pay the bills? Or, why are our friends or family treating us in a way that makes us feel isolated, sad or agitated.

But if we do not ‘control’ these thoughts, then our inner balance can quickly become unsettled meaning that these issues will take up the majority of our daily thinking time.

When this happens, we are not left with a positive spiritual energy, nor a neutral one, but rather, a negative one.

This unsettling can and often does lead to a downward spiral that could mean that we spend more of our waking day pondering thoughts, experiences and situations which only lead to negative emotions.

And we all know what effect this can have on us.

One way of combating this situation, is to find an opposite to each negative thought that comes into your head – to find a positive situation or influence to each negative one in our lives.

For example, each time you think about, ponder or consider someone in your life who is bringing you down, then straight away consider someone in your life who makes you feel happy and joyful.

We can use this method to try and find a balance, in all different types of scenarios.

And of course, we can always rely upon the love that fills our soul that is sent from the eternal isle; the eternal light in situations where we cannot find someone in our life who brings us a positive energy.

So if you are in a situation, using the above example, where there is no-one currently present in your physical life that can bring you thoughts of joy, then ponder and contemplate that ever-present love that can fill your soul with warmth, whenever you need it.

In time, your mind will learn to find a balance each time it becomes unsettled by someone or something that is causing it to feel nervous, anxious, sad, angry or generally unsettled.


Finding balance means finding positive energy when we are feeling down. 

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