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If you are reading this, then I am sure that you already feel the presence of God deep within your heart. I am sure that you feel his warmth and his love for you.

The point of this short written piece, is to remind you all that you are loved as you are.

No human is perfect and we will undoubtedly make mistakes as we venture forwards on this physical path that we refer to as ‘life’.

But know, that our Father is there for us and that he loves us as a loving Father loves his child.

If and when you can, spend a few moments in quiet reflection as you feel your heart fill with love when you need it most.

Even when you feel alone, you are not. Even when you feel unloved, you are loved. When you feel fear, God feels this fear with you.

He can sense your worry and can replenish your heart with that which it desires most; love.

At this stage on your path, the physical world in which we inhabit is so full of pain and so full of anger.

But, within you, is a light that burns so bright so as to eradicate the darkness that resides under the shadows of doubt and confusion.

You each have the ability to find God. To recieve his love and to share his message.

We each entered this life as equals, in a spiritual sense. Forget not, that we also leave this life as spiritual equals. As spiritual brothers and sisters.

Yes, the experiences which we are to have ‘here’ will differ.

But the love within you, the love that connects you to God, is the same.

Share that love with those around you so that they can also be guided by the light that seeks to envelop us all with truth, beauty and goodness.

Fear not they who desire to bring you harm.

The love of our Father will always be with you. The love of our Father ‘knows’ the intentions of they who seek not to share his love, his forgiveness and his compassion.

Shine the light that emanates within you. Shares its warmth. Its compassion and it’s forgiveness.

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