Has YOUR Life Been Touched By An Angel?

When I hear people talk about angels and how they ‘do not believe’ that such beautiful intelligences really do exist, then I genuinely feel sad for them.

Mainly, because people who have such doubts are yet to have their lives touched by these majestic entities of divine origin.

Many people who have yet to become conscious of the spiritual path in front of them will only ‘believe’ in that which their physical eyes can see.

But to assume that everything that does exist is visible to the naked eye, means completely disregarding the sheer enormity of creation itself.

We cannot expect angels to manifest themselves to us as-and-when we demand such a presence just to satisfy our own curiosity.

This attitude would imply that it is WE who ‘see over’ the divine intelligences which make up the countless legions of such intelligences.

Angels can help you along your spiritual path, but your heart should first be open to their presence, their companionship and their love.

There will be those of you who have already experienced the presence of an angel during this physical life.

My message to anyone who has experienced the beauty of an angel, is to remember to share with those around you the love and warmth that you felt from the angels presence.

Doing this will, in no small part, help to spread the divine message of love to everyone who desires to embark upon the truly epic spiritual journey of ascension….


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