How Do You Know If You Are Spiritually Awake? | Spiritual Development

To a certain extent, most of us are spiritually ‘awake’ in the sense that we understand that spirituality is ‘there’ and is ‘present’ and that we have the ability to become more spiritual.

Some people may get an inclination of this spiritually and may choose to ignore it or may choose to brush such an inclination off.

But as-and-when you do decide to walk the path of spirituality, then at what point will you become conscious of the fact that you are indeed ‘awake’ in a spiritual sense?

Empathy is a sure sign of being spiritually awake…

As we start to become more spiritual, then we also start to carry a greater emotional burden when it comes to the negative events which happen around us.

As a spiritual person, our hearts feel the pain of others even if the pain being felt by those around us is not under our control.

Being able to control this empathy is important, because carrying the emotional distress of others can sometimes lead to depression.

As a spiritualist, we should do all that we can to help our brothers and sisters who are in need.

But we cannot control the actions of others and thus we cannot stop completely the empathy that we feel towards those around us who are navigating the turbulent seas of this physical life.

Feelings of depression and anxiety can also be a sign that we are spiritually awake…

This is because the physical experience we refer to as ‘life’ takes it toll on our soul.

Being the first step along a very, very long path, often we might find that this life is hard to endure. Both emotionally and physically.

But during such times, try to converse with those around you who are also spiritually awake and who are spiritually aware as, being part of a spiritual family, we can help each other as we undertake this journey of hardship.

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