How To Maintain Your Focus On SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT During Times Of Instability

Maintaining your focus on your spiritual progress during times of instability and emotional worry in your physical world can be extremely hard.

Many people find that events which are extremely stressful tend to take their focus off of their spiritual development; and this is completely natural.

There will be times during your life when you spiritual development is effectively ‘put on hold’ whilst you deal with life events which consume much of your energy.

However, one way of limiting the effect that these events have on your spiritual development is by ‘training’ the mind to switch itself off from the external events which are causing you to suffer from emotional stress.

For example, at the same time each day, try just laying or sitting down in a quiet room, shutting your eyes and each time a thought comes into your head that causes you to feel stressed or anxious, then immediately think about something else that makes you feel happy.

This technique may take some time to master, so do not be disheartened if you do not get immediate results.

In fact, it can take several months to train the material mind to cease focusing on negative events or situations which you may have experienced / encountered.

The key is to persist; to continue to make the time to just focus on the inner you and your inner emotional and spiritual well-being.

And then once the events which are causing you high levels of stress have passed, then you can once again spend more time on developing your spiritual understanding and awareness.

If you experience or suffer from anxiety, then you might also find that this process of allocating some time during the day to ‘detach’ yourself emotionally from the physical world can help you to control your anxiety levels.

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