If PEACE Is Your Goal, Then LOVE Will Be Your Guide

Many of us truly desire peace. We want peace, in part, because a peaceful reality is what the soul knows is its true home.

If your life is motivated purely by material pursuits and by material gain, then it could be that peace and harmony, in a collective sense, is not very high on your agenda.

But the spiritualist knows, that material gain is illusory.

That which is acquired during this physical life, cannot be taken to the spiritual domains which follow.

It is what is in your heart and what motiviates your heart that truly matters.

That is not to say that material things are not important.

But rather, we should refrain from allowing the pursuit of material gain to control our lives.

We should unite in our collective pursuit of global peace.

Our civilisation will not advance, in a spiritual sense, until such peace has found its way into the majority of our hearts.

And it is love, the love from the divine source that we feel in our hearts, that really will lead us towards the path that shall take us to the peaceful destination that many of us seek.

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