If You Look Hard Enough You Can ‘See’ A Connection With Everything…

It can be easy to ‘miss’ the subtle connections which bind us all together.

We are, ultimately, as one, and yet we live this physical life without ‘seeing’ our connection to each other.

Regardless of skin colour, regardless of race and regardless of sex, we each share the same spiritual essence that forms our inner souls.

From time-to-time, the invisible bond that unites us ALL can still be felt.

That moment when you are walking in the street and your gaze catches the gaze of another person who may be looking at you.

You sense and feel a familiarity that perhaps you cannot easily explain. As though, you have met that person before.

This feeling can cause you to be taken aback – to catch you off guard.

How can you feel as though you know someone who you have not previously met?

There are many mysteries to this universe that are yet to reveal themselves to us but your inner instinctive guidance can and will reveal to you how such a feeling of familiarity is possible.

Our soul, as formed by the spirit, has a history that few can comprehend nor truly understand.

And yet your soul has experienced an existence that now acts as a faint ‘echo’ of a distant memory that evades your consciousness.

There is a chance, that we have met before – in a different time and in a different place.

These trains of thought might be hard to comprehend, but in order to explore the many hidden layers of spiritual understanding, we must always approach all new ways of thinking with an open and loving mind…


In truth, we are all connected…

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