Intro To Spiritual Education | Guest VLOG

This video was sent into me via my Facebook page by a beautiful soul who clearly has a deep connection and understanding with the spiritual path that is laid out in front of each of us.

Part of the reason behind my desire to build a spiritual community on social media, was to enable souls from all over the world to connect with each other.

Souls which might never have connected were it not for the community.

As each soul progresses along the spiritual path to enlightenment, different things are learnt by different people based on individual experiences.

But by sharing these experiences, thoughts and emotions we can learn together; as one.

I hope that you enjoy this video and if you have any similar videos which you would like me to share, then please contact me via my facebook page or via my twitter handle.

May love, peace and harmony be with each of you.


If you are currently feeling isolated or alone during your spiritual awakening, then you might find that my book may be of some comfort to you.

I wrote the book as a guide and as a companion for anyone who desires to connect with like-minded souls as they awaken from the slumber:

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