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I often get asked about karma and whether or not I think that it is ‘real’. Having been a spiritual student now for 27 years, I have confidence in saying that yes, I do think that karma is real.

When we create a sinful act or situation and such a sin is a willful act on behalf of the person who is responsible for it, then we have created an ‘imbalance’.

The equilibrium of spiritual balance becomes unbalanced by the sinful act.

We can either try to counter this sinful act by conducting ourselves in a manner that is more in-line with the principles of love, decency and goodness, or, at some point, this negative energy that we have seeded into the fabric of time and space might come back and find ‘us’ in the form of karma.

I would like to point out, that we, in this life, are not expected to be perfect. But we are expected to try and better ourselves. To become better people.

Thus if we wilfully and freely cause hurt, pain or sorrow to our brothers and sisters and, being fully aware of the consequences of our actions, continue to act in a manner that is likely to cause hurt, pain and/or sorrow then we are commiting a wilful sin.

We all, at some point in our lives, make mistakes. That is what, in part, life is all about.

But as we grow older and wiser, then we learn from our mistakes. Or at least we should learn from our mistakes.

And yet, if we know that what we do causes pain to others and yet we still continue to do it, then we are commiting a sin.

If we change our ways and understand that what we are doing is causing pain, then we negate the need for ‘karma’ to enter our lives.

But if we do not change our ways and we do not work towards becoming a better person, then so-called ‘karma’ will undoubtedly find us.

If not in this life, then perhaps in the life that is to come.

Remember, you will make mistakes both in the manner in which you treat yourself and the manner in which you treat others.

It is important that we learn from such mistakes. It is important that we strive to become better people.

Allow yourself to be guided by love and you will not go far wrong.

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