Keep Your Mind Open And Your Spiritual Journey Will Be More Enlightening

It is vital, whilst navigating the spiritual path before you, to keep your mind open to the experiences which you have.

Whilst those around you might dismiss and ‘play down’ your experiences, keeping your mind open to that which is happening around you is a vital component to your spiritual development and progress.

This might mean that you are less inclined to talk to non-spiritualists about experiences which you have had, that seems to defy common explanation.

But, conversely, you will naturally find that you end up sharing these experiences with those around you who are more open-minded and thus, when recollecting such experiences, then simply by talking about them could have the outcome that you will learn more about what the meaning of such experiences are.

For example, since the age of 13 (I am 40-years-old now) I have only ever spoken about my own spiritual experiences to friends and family who I know have an open mind.

This helps to nurture not only the feelings which I have experienced during such spiritual events, but it also helps to bring those around me closer to spirituality.

Talking about your experiences is important.

But being selective about who you discuss such experiences with, can help to fend off the negativity that many non-spiritualists express when talking about esoteric experiences which are only understood by they who walk the spiritual path.

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