Letting Go Of The Past…And Embracing The Future

In order to fully embrace the potential of the spiritual journey that lays ahead of you, then letting go of the past can be a powerful tool when it comes to your own spiritual development.

Many mystics, throughout the ages, have highlighted how ‘living in the present’ is an essential part of realising your full spiritual potential.

But why is letting go of the past so important?

Well, often events which we have experienced, both good and bad, can act almost like an ‘anchor’ on our soul.

By pondering the past, we are in effect missing out on the FULL potential of our future.

Our spirit is polarised, or energised, by the thoughts which we have and the emotions which we embrace.

Thus, how we feel can often have the effect of attracting events with a similar ‘polarity’ into our lives. Almost like a spiritual magnet.

So, for example, if we spend too much time dwelling over a negative incident that may have occurred in the past, then we risk energising our spirit negatively meaning that, in effect, we could end up attracting negative events and occurrences on our path.

That is not to say that we should let go of the past altogether because our past is an important part in our journey towards spiritual liberation, awareness and understanding.

The memories which we have allow us to understand how to best tackle the path before us.

But try not to spend too much of your time thinking about negative events which have occurred in your past because, in time, you may inadvertently end up attracting events with a similar polarisation, or energy, as your progress further in this physical life.



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