Love WILL Find You, When You LEAST Expect It

The Universe has a strange way of reacting to us when there is ‘something’ that we really would like. I am not just talking about in the physical sense, I am talking in the emotional sense as well.

Take, for example; Love.

We have all, at some point in this physical life, been single.

And, during such times, many of you probably would have found that the harder you ‘look’ for love, then the more evasive it seems to be.

I have many friends and family members, yet to awaken to their true spiritual selves, who have tried for many years to find love without any real success.

And then, we also probably all know someone who had given up on looking for love, or who perhaps was not looking for love when they found it whilst least expecting it.

We must remember, that our inner energy has a lot to do with what happens on the path in front of us and that the more we want something, then the more unstable our inner energy (both spiritual and emotional) becomes.

This instability within our core emotional and spiritual energy can have the effect of disrupting hidden ‘signs’ and synchronicities which are sent our way that have the intention of enabling us to find what it is that we are looking for.

Thus, we should always try to ensure that we spend as much time as we can re-balancing ourselves.

Envision what it is that you are seeking, but do not spend too much time dwelling over that which is yet to happen. Because to do so, will only act to encourage instability within your core energy.

Love will find you because, in the spiritual realms, love is what bonds EVERYTHING.

You are a spiritual being, having a physical experience and thus LOVE is your true and metaphorical home.

At home that we each come from and a home that we are each to return….


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