Never Underestimate The Love That Is Within You

When we enter this realm – the life in this physical body – we do not enter it alone.

With us, is a spark of the infinite love that defines the vast spiritual domains which evade the physical eye.

For some of you, it may take years or even decades to become fully conscious of this divine & wholly eternal love that is within you.

For others, you will become conscious of this love in a short time, but you may not be wholly mindful of its real power.

Within your mind, you feel intuitive guidance that often acts to gently pull you in a direction that is best suited for your soul as you transit through the challenges of this life.

Some people will embrace this guidance. Others will be conscious of it’s presence, but may not understand it’s intent.

While others will submit themselves to this inner guidance that is so much more than merely a guide.

As someone who desires to lead others to spiritual truth and who see’s it as his mission ‘here’, I hear from my brothers and sisters who, whilst becoming conscious of this inner guidance, have also become unnerved by the thought that they are being guided by a loving energy that they cannot see.

But this ‘fear’ of the ‘unknown’ is merely the product of human dogma.

When you submit yourself to the will of the eternal father, such submission is akin to bathing in a sea of fluid love. It will hold you, embrace you and keep you ‘afloat’ during this physical experience; one of many such experiences.

You do have the power to heal. You can manifest into your life, that which you have desired for so long.

But to begin to understand these powers which lay dormant within you, you first need to embrace fully the spark of the infinite father that sojourns with you during this life that is so full of challenges.

Mediate on this thought and reflect upon what it means for you.

In time, that which is opaque will become clear.
That which is hidden will be revealed.
That which is unknown will become known to the genuine seekers of truth; they who seek the origin of that which accompanies them throughout the souls epic journey towards its right home.

May peace and love be with you always.

‘In Deo Speramus’

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