Remaining Positive During These Hard Times

There is little denying that, at present, our civilisation is navigating through a time of great difficulty and distress. Not only for the planet, but for those of us who call this planet ‘home’.

Civilisations which have existed before ours, such as the ancient Mayans, predicted that at the beginning of this century, we would enter a period of great instability and hardship.

Their insight was, in part, based upon their ability to be able to connect with the hidden spiritual domains which many of you may feel in your hearts.

We only need to spend a short period of time watching mainstream media news channels at the moment, in order to ‘see’ how much turmoil there really is around us.

Now, more than ever, it is important to try and spend as much time as possible focusing on your inner spiritual energy and thus your spiritual ‘polarity’.

There will be times when it may feel like the waves of negative energy are starting to overwhelm you and that you then feel like the battle to remain positive is being lost.

But fear not.

Remember that what is happening at the moment is temporary. This shift will complete its cycle in the not-too-distant future.

Spend as much time as you can, concentrating on thoughts and/or activities which bring your heart joy. For it is the heart that is the barometer of the soul.

Fill your heart with joy and with love and such feelings will find your inner soul.

May peace, love, balance and harmony be with your soul…

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