Seek People Who Can Talk About Love, The Universe, The Soul & Consciousness

This physical journey, being had by our spiritual selves, can sometimes feel like an incredibly lonely experience.

For, even though family and friends may surround us, unless you have awoken from the age-old slumber of humanity, then finding fellow souls with whom you can confide in can be extremely hard.

That is why, in part, I have a ‘Spiritual People Group’ (see below) on social media; so like-minded souls can gather together to explore their true meaning, feelings, purpose and identity.

By finding other people who share the same insights as you – the awoken soul – then this physical life can start to manifest itself according to what your dreams and aspirations genuinely are.

Let us not forget that we attract what we project.

If you project genuine love, peace and harmony then, chances are, you will attract people around you with a similar ‘frequency’.

That is why you might be reading this short article; because you desire to find fellow souls who have broken free from the shackles of fear and who have escaped the dogma of humanities confused state.

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I have also written a book (below) that is intended to act as a companion and as a guide for the spiritual seeker of truth:

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