Sometimes We Should Take The Time To Appreciate The Things Which We Take For Granted

We all, at some point, perhaps take for granted the things which once inspired us. The sun setting…The moon rising or the flowers blossoming…

But what if we could look on in marvel at everyday things which no-longer fill us with wonder and amazement? What effect would and could this have on our spiritual energy?

Our souls are invigorated by the natural beauty in nature. The way a bird flies or perhaps the way a dolphin swims through the water.

Take yourself back to a time when you was a child and try to remember how you felt when you first saw such things.. How your curiosity was piqued and how you just knew there was so much more to discover and learn.

No doubt, the sight of such an awesome spectacle, whatever it was, made you feel and sense the sheer enormity and undeniable beauty of creation.

But then, as we get older, the things which once inspired us instead just become a part of our everyday lives.

Each time I see the moon, or each time I watch the sun set, I feel inspired to continue along the path that brought me to this point – a point in time, where I desire to share with as many people as possible the true marvels of that which I have learnt.

So, we should take the time to appreciate the things which we take for granted, because this reflection enables us to remember what it is that drives us; what it is that pushes us to be the best we can be.

It is only when we reflect and ponder on that which has bought us here, that we can visualise the direction that is most suited for our journey…

To understand where we have come from and to appreciate the journey in front of us.

May love, peace and harmony be with you all…


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