Spend MORE Time With The People Who Appreciate You And LESS Time With Those That Don’t

You may find that you end up dedicating a considerable amount of your own time to people around you who do not appreciate the effort that you put into your relationship with them.

This could be your friends, family or your partner.

Putting your own energy into relationships where other people do not appreciate your time can take its toll on your own spiritual energy and personal development.

It could be, that these relationships were once strong and that these relationships were once fruitful for all parties.

And yet, as we get older, we find that the patience and courtesy of those around us starts to dwindle.

We try in vain to shore-up the bonds which we have with those around us which were once close, but now appear to be ‘fragile’.

Some of these relationships will endure the test of time. Some of these relationships will remain strong, partly due to a mutual respect for each other.

But there comes a time, when your own spiritual balance starts to become destabilised owing to the energies which are put into relationships which do not feed back to you that which you put into them.

The decision to ‘step back’ from such a relationship can be a hard one to take.

And I am not saying that you should abandon such relationships completely.

Instead, I would advokate you spending more time with those around you who appreciate the efforts which you make with them.

Concentrate on spending more quality time with what could be a smaller group of people.

I am sure that you will start to notice that your inner spiritual balance becomes more settled and that your journey here, in this life, becomes more profound and more focused.

We desire to still share love with those around us who perhaps have taken us for granted.

But we desire more to spend time with the souls around us in whom we can trust and with whom we can share the experiences of this life – both the highs and the lows.

And remember that if ever you feel a lack of love from those around you, in your heart exists a link to the eternal source of love.

You need only ‘look’ in your heart and you will find this etheric ‘link’ there….


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