Spiritual Gravity Is Gently Pulling You ‘Inwards’

We already know much about physical gravity, as it defines our physical presence upon this material world. 

But you might not have heard of ‘spiritual gravity’ before. 

In essence, spiritual gravity can manifest itself within your mind as that sense of ‘knowing’ that there is much, much more to reality than what the eye can see or what the hand can touch. 

Spiritual gravity can also be described as the voice of intuition which seeks to guide your soul towards the central isle of peace, harmony and love. 

If you are conscious of your spiritual path, and you can exercise the principles of love, peace and harmony daily, then there is a high chance that this invisible spiritual gravity is leading you. 

Those brothers and sister who willfully accept the misnomer of evil – of wrong-doing – might well become isolated from this spiritual gravity. 

The effect of this isolation is that the evil-doer will not be within the clutches of the spiritual gravity that gently leads the souls towards the eternal central isle. 

For as long as you allow darkness into your heart, you cannot be guided by the invisible light of eternal love. 

If you are concerned only with ‘self’, then you cannot be admitted into the spiritual family. 

Should you desire to relinquish the folly of evil, then the energy of spiritual gravity will always be ready once more to envelop your soul and guide you to your right spiritual home. 

Many are conscious of the presence of heaven, but few understand how to gain prolonged entry to such a place. 

Spiritual gravity leads you towards heaven, but only you can choose to stay there, by embracing love and by ceasing to roam pointlessly in the dark. 

Remember always, that darkness will only ever be temporary.

Whereas the light of love will endure forever. 

May peace and love be with your soul, always. 

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