Spirituality Is A Divine Light Within, That Belongs To Us All

Over the ages, there has been a belief that the divine light is accessible only to the few.

In reality, this divine light, light without heat, is accessible to us all.

As you start your spiritual journey, do not think that enlightened knowledge is privy only to the few.

It is the will of the divine consciounesses that you can find the liberating spiritual truth that can guide you towards the portals of eternity.

The journey towards the central isle is not easy.

There are no shortcuts, and you will not be able to progress on your journey unless you are sincere of heart.

But regardless of your current level of spiritual understanding, know that, in time, that which remains hidden from the view of they who inhabit this world shall be revealed to your soul in the receiving halls of spiritual ascension.

While much of humanity finds itself in darkness, your ability to be able to illuminate the divine presence that is within your heart is a right bestowed upon you by they upon high.

I share these words with you so that you can heighten your spiritual insight and thus, your spiritual awareness.

May the light of love and the presence of peace be with you always.


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