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There IS Meaning Behind Everything…

You have probably heard the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ at some point during your life. But have you ever pondered as to what this actually means? This physical life currently being experienced by our souls, is full of extreme ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. Often, during a ‘down’ cycle we will ask ‘why me?’ or ‘why is this happening?’ and

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Remaining Positive During These Hard Times

There is little denying that, at present, our civilisation is navigating through a time of great difficulty and distress. Not only for the planet, but for those of us who call this planet ‘home’. Civilisations which have existed before ours, such as the ancient Mayans, predicted that at the beginning of this century, we would enter a period of great

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How To Maintain Your Focus On SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT During Times Of Instability

Maintaining your focus on your spiritual progress during times of instability and emotional worry in your physical world can be extremely hard. Many people find that events which are extremely stressful tend to take their focus off of their spiritual development; and this is completely natural. There will be times during your life when you spiritual development is effectively ‘put

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