The Boundaries Of Time, Know Not The Longevity Of The Soul

Time, as we measure such, is limited. It is restricted. It can be measured and it can be quantified.

But not the soul…

The soul is timeless. It knows not the boundaries of time, only the limitations of time as we currently understand such.

Your soul is destined to break free from the shackles of time and is destined to enter the truly vast spiritual realms.

And yet, the entrance of your soul into such a domain, is by no means guaranteed, albeit, such a path is indeed the destiny of your soul.

But where is the light, that illuminates such a path?

It is within you. Within your heart..

A spark of the infinite exists within the finite in order to facilitate the transition of the soul from the temporary to the eternal.

Live your life according to the true principles of love. Love your brothers and sisters as you are loved by your Father.

This harmony of love, between you and your brethren, will seek to bring you closer to the path of your soul’s destiny.

The light of love shines within you. But only you can choose to follow its source.

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