The Light Of Love WILL Always Be With You

At times during your journey ‘here’, on this world and in this life, there will be times when you feel isolated and feel cut off from the divine serenity of the eternal love.

But during such times, know this; the light of eternal love is always with you and continues to be within you.

Sometimes the connection you have to the unseen forces of spiritual persistence may feel distant to you. This connection may feel ‘weak’.

But this feeling is merely the material mind acting to interrupt such a connection, whether consciously or subconsciously.

When you feel isolated, remember that your connection to your spiritual brother and sisterhood can easily be made stronger either by engaging in meditation, prayer, quiet contemplation or reflection or by socialising with your spiritual brothers and sisters who have also embraced the light.

Thus, you may, from time-to-time, ask when the light of love will find you.

But, in truth, it never left you.

The everyday burdens of this physical life can sometimes feel more profound than the calling of the spiritual mind.

And this is why it is important to try and spend some time connecting with your inner spiritual self.

You may not be fully conscious of the spiritual journey before you, but you will still be aware of the steps before you which can bring you closer to understanding why you are here, and what your purpose may be…

The presence of our spiritual father is always with you.

Keep love in your heart and sincerity in your mind.

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