The Light of Love Will ALWAYS Guide You

During your physical journey in this short material life, there will undoubtedly be times when you feel ‘lost’ or when feel like you do not know in which direction to turn.

These feelings are completely normal as we try and find the path that is best suited to us – a path that is destined to lead us according to what it is that we have come ‘here’ to learn.

Whenever you feel lost, or isolated or without direction, then connecting with the light of love will always ensure that you are once again back on track.

Your ability to connect with this subtle guidance, depends largely on your ability to be able to silence the voice of anxiety and panic within your minds when faced with a hard or important decision.

This ‘voice’ of anxiety and panic, that comes from deep within our sub-conscience, often gets louder the more panicked and anxious we tend to feel – and these feelings can often come about from not knowing where to ‘turn’ when faced with an important decision relative to your path.

Feelings of panic and anxiety can have the effect of ‘drowning out’ the instinctive guidance from within that we can all access.

So when you feel like you cannot ‘listen’ or ‘hear’ this instinctive guidance that is motivated by the eternal light of love that watches over you, then it could be because your emotions are playing havoc with your inner spiritual self.

Your spiritual energy may have lost its fine balance and equilibrium.

During such times, try to ensure that you are able to ‘retreat’ into your inner sanctum.

This could be through meditation or through yoga or perhaps just by taking a walk in the countryside or next to the sea.

Concentrate and focus your mind on controlling the feelings associated with anxiety and panic and then allow the warm and loving light of the eternal source of everything to fill your heart and your soul.

In time, the guidance that comes with such a ‘light’ will once again illuminate the right path before you….


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Follow the light of love and your journey will be a success


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