The Light Of The Eternal Love Will Always Find Your Soul. As Long As You Let It..

Picture in your minds, a central source of eternal love. When I say ‘central’ I would like you to envision what you perceive to be the centre of ALL things.

A place that many people will know as ‘paradise’.

Once you have an image of this light in your mind, then shut your eyes and imagine this divine light filling your heart and invigorating your soul.

In truth, this constant flow of eternal love is continutally emninating from the ‘central isle’.

This love and light bathes this planet and all they who currently inhabit her.

But, for this love to be present in your life, you first need to open your heart to accepting such a divine light.

The events of everyday life can sometimes act to ‘block’ this eternal light of love from truly filling up your heart.

When we are feeling stressed out, angry, upset or anxious then we might be more inclined not to open our hearts in the same way that we do whilst, for example, meditating.

But whatever is currently happening in your life, remember to keep your heart open to the constant flow of pure and divine love that emanates from the centre of all things.

Love is with you. God is with you. The light of love will guide you, as long as you let it…

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