The Prayer Of The Spiritual Student | Spiritual Development

If ever you are feeling lost, confused, in a state of sadness or overwhelmed by loneliness, then repeat these words in your silent mind: 

‘The Gods are my caretakers. I shall not stray.

‘Side-by-side, they lead me in the beautiful paths and glorious refreshing of life everlasting.

‘I shall not, in this divine presence, want for food nor thirst for water.

‘Though I go down into the valley of uncertainty, or ascend up into the worlds of doubt, though I move in loneliness or with the fellows of my kind, though I triumph in the choirs of light or falter in the solitary places of the spheres, your good spirit shall minister to me.

‘And your glorious angel will comfort me.

‘Though I descend into the depths of darkness and death itself, I shall not doubt you nor fear you.

‘For I know that in the fullness of time and the glory of your name, you will raise me up to sit with you, on the battlements on high.’

Remember, that you are loved that before you lays a path that leads to true liberation. The decision to embark upon this journey via the path in front of you, is a decision that only you can make.

May love and peace be with you.


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