The Purpose Of Life | To Experience And To Grow?

It is a question that every one of you has probably asked at some point; ‘what is the purpose of this life?’.

The aim of this short article is not to provide a definitive answer to such a complicated question.

I do not think that there is a straight forward answer that can provide a ‘simple’ response to such a fundamental question.

However, everything that I has been revealed to me does indeed seem to suggest that this life is about the experiences we have and how these experiences can develop us into more spiritually aware ‘beings’.

We all know that, at times, this life can be incredibly hard and difficult.

For many, this hardship can make them question why we are here and what our true purpose is especially when there is so much heartache around (and in) us.

If this life was ‘easy’ then it would be harder to try and work out a potential meaning behind it.

For me, this life is a stepping stone; it is the first of many, many steps on an incredibly long journey towards the eternal source of that which we feel in our hearts.

After this physical life has finished, then I believe that, while in the spiritual ‘domain’, we have a chance to ‘review’ the experiences which we have had in this life.

I believe that, depending on what we have experienced, then we either ‘come back’ to the physical spheres, or we continue onwards through the vast spiritual domains.

We do not make this journey alone.

And when I say ‘this’ I mean the journey ‘here’ and the journies which are to come.

But I really do believe that the experiences we have here, and how we deal with such experiences, can and does have a bearing on what happens to us during the physical-to-spiritual transition.

And remember, that you have the ability to change what you are experiencing ‘here’ in this life and that none of us are perfect, so you will make mistakes.

But remember, that in your spiritual form, you are energy.

And it is energy that forms all that which we experience – both in the physical world and, of course, the spiritual world.

Thus you can control what you are a part of because it forms a part of you.

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