The Spiritual Family

You are each invited to join our spiritual community. Whilst, in its current form, the community is social-media-based it is hoped that, in time, the community might have a physical presence.

Everyone in all faiths is welcome. The point of the community is not to impress upon others a system of belief that differs from that which they might already have.

Instead, the purpose of the community is to help develop the spiritual side of all they who wish to participate in such a ‘gathering’.

Love is our guide. Peace is our objective and the furtherance of your spiritual path is our combined goal.

To understand the will of they upon high, we should first learn to see each other as brothers and sisters.

We should learn to see beyond the illusion of the physical into the truth of the spiritual.

I know not where, ultimately, this spiritual family might take us.

But I know, with the light that shines deep within my heart, that the union of a spiritual brother and sisterhood can overcome the hurdles which are ahead of humanity.

Physical life is fragile. But the spiritual realities of the unseen realms have the potential to be eternal.

There has been much prophesying about a changing time.

When we plant a seed of hope, it can take generations for such a seed to grow into the tree of universal love.

But, without a seed, that which has the potential to nourish humanity cannot grow.

Should you desire to join us now, or at any time, then you are free to enter our ‘virtual’ group via the link below.

May the peace of love and light be with you all. My brothers and sisters.

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I have also written a book (below) that is intended to act as a companion and as a guide for the spiritual seeker of truth:

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