The Voyage Of The Soul Can Only Be Guided By Love

Those of you who are on the spiritual path towards liberation, understand that the soul cannot truly function without love.

A soul without love, is akin to a car without headlights; you cannot see where you are going unless the path in front of you is illuminated.

And without the guiding light of love, it is almost inevitable that your soul will never really find its true home, or its true destination.

Love is at the essence of everything that brings the soul happiness.

That which brings the soul sadness, is the origin of man or humanities insatiable lust for material gain.

As you venture forwards on this physical path that we refer to as ‘life’, it is inevitable that events will occur which act to disrupt the souls connection with its true spiritual home – the divine & eteranl source of love.

But you can always find inner love, even when it appears that there is no love around you.

For, if you believe in love, then love will always find you…….

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