There Is No Greater Bond, Than The Bond Of Love | Spiritual Development

As a spiritual seeker of truth, you already understand the deep and profound meaning of divine love in its pure form.

You allow love into your heart, whilst also being mindful of they who use love as a means of control, rather than as a bond of unity in the pursuit of peace.

When we lose a loved one from this physical world, we still sense and feel their love, because they continue to send their love to us from beyond the gates to Heaven.

Love is eternal. Love is timeless. Love is enduring.

Thus, despite they who seek to distort the will and message of true and divine love, we continue to do God’s will by allowing the love that we have to guide the way for those souls whom are ready to embrace the true will of our Father.

When we look around us, it is too easy to see with the physical eye those souls who have been corrupted by their own inability to be able to fully embrace the message of divine love that comes from within.

But do not give up on them.

Continue to hold their hand as they meander in the darkness until such time as they too see the eternal light of our beloved Lord, on-high.

Share your love without asking what in return you shall get for sharing such love.

Instead, rest assured, that all that you do, to help spread the will of our Father, does not go unoticed.

May peace and love be with your soul. You ARE loved, as you desire to be loved.


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