What Do We ‘Know’ Of The Spiritual Path Ahead Of Us?

When reading these words, I encourage you to interpret them with an open mind.

The level of spiritual insight needed by the reader in order to truly interpret what I am about to write is relatively advanced.

That is not to say that my spiritual brothers and sisters who have recently embarked upon their own spiritual awakening will not be able to make sense of the following.

But rather, if you find that these words do not resonate with you, then perhaps, in time, they will…

To understand what lies ahead of us, on our spiritual journeys, we must first acknowledge that this physical life, is but the beginning of a truly epic voyage that will take our spiritual selves, our souls, on a journey that cannot be measured or ‘proven’ by any mortal mind.

And thus we come to the first ‘key’ that can unlock the door that leads to the spiritual journey before us; faith.

You cannot expect to step forward on the spiritual path unless you perceive that there is indeed a spiritual path ahead of you.

They who seek ‘proof’ of a spiritual domain that is hidden from our view, have perhaps not yet ventured into their own souls wherein they will find a faint but loving ‘spark’ that signals to the soul that there is indeed a spiritual ‘quest’, a spiritual path, ahead of us.

We should remember also, that any native human emotions which cause us harassment, alarm or distress will act to ‘quiet’ the inner spiritual guidance that seeks to draw us closer to spiritual truth.

The human mind can only truly perceive the spiritual journey when the human body is at one and in harmony with the spiritual soul.

For 27 years now, I have been seeking to understand more about the hidden spiritual domains which evade the physical eye.

And it is by my close relationship with God, and my love for our Father, that certain elements of this truly vast spiritual domain has been revealed to not only me but also to our brothers and sisters who have been before us who also found the light of our Father and who desired to share his message with their fellow brothers and sisters.

The knowledge that I have learnt, is open to ALL genuine seekers of truth. I am not special – you can find this truth too.

But what of this spiritual journey?

There is little denying that this physical life is hard.

But I would ask you, my brothers and sisters, to keep in mind that it is often through the darkness of hardship that we inadvertently find the light of love.

Verily, verily, I say to you; have faith in the liberation of the spiritual journey that awaits your soul.

Do not seek to ‘fast track’ your entrance to such a domain, as there is no way of circumventing the hurdles which are ahead of us.

Keep love in your minds. Keep God in your heart. Treat your brothers and sisters as if they were your family because, in truth, they are…

The spiritual path, in time, will be revealed to all they who have faith in its existence.

And yet, no-one can force you to be in possession of such a faith.

It is for you to find the door that leads to the celestial domains of our heavenly Father – the door that leads to his place upon high.

And then, in time, the keys to unlock this door will find their way onto this path that you will discover.

Treat your fellow brothers and sisters with respect. Show them love. Give them comfort during their times of need.

The foundation onto which the spiritual self is built can only be formed of forgiving and sincere love…..


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