What The Physical Eye Cannot See, The Heart Can Still Sense

Without faith, we cannot ‘see’ that which is hidden from our gaze.

Faith is one of the most important traits to have as we embark upon our spiritual journey because the spiritual world is not currently revealed to the human eye.

Whilst science cannot prove the existence of the spiritual world, at least, not yet, scientists still have the ability to be spiritual and, indeed, many scientists are.

Even those who do not have faith in the existence of the spiritual Kingdom will, at some point during their lives, have thoughts regarding the possibility of its existence; of that, I am sure.

Some will explore these thoughts further, whereas others will dismiss such thoughts as mere ‘day dreaming’.

As you become more spiritual, your intuition will become more sensitive to that which the physical eye cannot see; the spiritual domains

Your faith will become more profound and you will cease to seek physical proof of that which you know, deep in your heart, really is there…

It is always an honour for me to be able to help my brothers and sisters find the path that will lead them to the spiritual truth which exists.

And for my brothers and sisters who are yet to find their spiritual eye – their third eye – I know that, in time, such an all-seeing sense will become known to them.

But faith is the spark that ignites the luminosity of spiritual truth.

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