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When we think about ‘signs’ being sent to us from the truly vast unseen spiritual realms, then our material (human) mind will often conjure up images of what it thinks these signs should look like based largely upon the experiences of others which have been shared with us.

In truth, spiritual signs can take many different forms and appearances.

For example, we may see repeat numbers over and over again, or our attention may be subconsciously drawn to gaze at a clock only to find that it’s the same time each day that this feeling occurs.

Others might see bright shining lights, or perhaps orbs within their field of view which have the effect of raising the hairs on our necks.

Other spiritual signs can be more personalised; more in-tune with our spiritual selves.

For example, we may look to the star-filled night sky and see something that appears to be completely out of place.

What this sign might indeed ‘mean’, is for your own conscience to decipher. Entrust its meaning to your spiritual instinct.

These signs, can be sent at any time and can be sent to anyone, regardless of how spiritually aware or ‘awake’ you may be.

If you believe that you are yet to receive a sign, then, in time, you will…

What is vital, what is really important, is that you leave yourself open to these signs which come from a place that the mere word cannot adequately describe.

If you shut yourself off, in an emotional and spiritual sense, to the prospect of receiving these signs, then they will still be sent. But you might miss them…..


Always be open to the signs which may be sent for you

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