Why Are Signs Sent For Us? | Spiritual Development

As you progress spiritually, it is inevitable that you will, at some point, witness or experience something that, on the fact of it, seems unexplainable.

The form and type of this experience, can never be predicted nor described before such an event occurs.

And often, whilst trying to give details when recounting such events, the mind can become confused in relation to what it was that was actually experienced by the individual.

We often hear stories regarding people who have tried to recite such experiences to family and friends.

But it should be remembered that these experiences are unique to the individual.

Thus, to speak of these experiences to family, friends and colleagues who perhaps are yet to have their own similar experiences, may only act to create confusion and perhaps fear.

But these signs are so very important.

They form an essential part of your path towards spiritual learning and understanding.

It is possible that, to begin with, your experience of receiving a sign may cause you to become afraid – depending upon the manner in which such a sign is sent to you.

Depending upon how open your spiritual eye is, you may not initially even ‘register’ the event as a being a sign.

But, in time, you will come to know the meaning behind the message and the message behind the meaning.

You might immediately understand the information that is intended for you or it might take days, months or years for you to truly understand the message behind the celestial sign.

But these signs should not be ignored, for as long as you have love in your heart and your intentions are pure.

These signs are intended to guide you, to aid you and to lead you out from the shadows of darkness into the loving light of truth.

I know that many of you reading this, will be wanting to know ‘where’ these signs come from and who, or what, is responsible for them.

To answer such a question, would lead the reader away from the intent behind this article.

Should you have any specific questions which your instinct guides you to ask, then you are free to contact me via any of the means below.


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