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‘Why do we dream?’ is a question that often pops up during conversations involving spirituality and personal development. The age-old question about the nature of dreams and why we have them.

Whilst sleeping and therefore resting, is essential for our physical body, our spirit, or rather, our soul, does not ‘sleep’.

This method of thinking, may seem a little abstract to some, depending upon how far advanced you are in relation to your spiritual journey.

But dreaming itself, is more about the emotions which are connected with the dream, rather than what actually happens in the dream.

Dreaming enables our spirit to consolidate what it has learnt and what it has experienced during the waking hours.

Or perhaps you have pondered over something during the day and have then found that in a subsequent dream, you experienced some emotions which were relative to whatever it was that you had pondered at an earlier time.

This is why asking someone to ‘decipher’ your dream can be a bit of a misnomer.

Dreams are unique to the individual soul and the emotions which are experienced during the dreams are relative only to the individual having them.

Some experiences which we have during dreams can teach us something about an emotion that we may not have previously thought too much about.

And some experiences can allow us to gain a better insight into how we would feel if we did experience a particular set of circumstances.

You will often find that something you have been thinking about during the day, may occur during a dream.

It is therefore important to note how you may feel when you wake up from having such a dream, as often there is an important lesson to learn.

And that, essentially, is what dreaming is all about: the emotions which we experience during such a dream…

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