Why Do We Search For Spiritual Truth?

Few would deny that in order to learn more about something that is hidden, then the journey that we embark upon in order to find such a truth, can be incredibly powerful.

For me, I sincerely believe that we are each on a search for a truth that many of us feel deep within our hearts. A truth that is motivated by love and a truth that is compounded by uncertainty.

Some of us are aware of this search; maybe as a result of a spiritual awakening.

And some of us are yet to become entirely conscious of a reality that, for now, is hidden from our view.

But those of us who are indeed conscious of this slow yet profound journey towards the unveiling of truth, know that the revelations before us will have the effect of our making sense of many of the unexplainable events which we witness and which we are a part of during this physical experience that we refer to as ‘life’.

This understanding, that comes about as a result of our search for truth, can lead to a liberation of the soul from the emotional shackles which keep us tethered to a world that is so full of pain, greed and hurt.

We search for truth, because we understand that there is a meaning, a very profound meaning, behind many of the events which occur around us.

Thus, the spiritual student seeks truth, because the unveiling of such truths leads to understanding and this understanding leads to a liberation of the soul….


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