Why Is LOVE The Religion Of The Spiritual Student?

If you seek truth by following the spiritual path, then there is a high chance and probability that you have a great deal of genuine and sincere love in your heart.

Love is, without a doubt, the medium through which our divine family seeks to connect with us in a way that many of you can certainly feel, but perhaps not always explain.

Love transcends ALL mediums, both seen (physical) and unseen (mystical) and exists in absolute and complete abundance.

Love can be called upon by anyone who seeks comfort in such, at any time and in any place.

Thus, to start your spiritual journey, Love should be at the heart of your day-to-day mission.

This includes sharing love, with those in whom you trust, and allowing the love of others to fill your heart, so long as the love being offered by others is sincere.

It may seem ‘odd’, in a world with so much anger, so much hate, so much violence and so much greed, to believe that it is LOVE that can truly set you free from the shackles of every-day physical life.

But spiritual liberation, in part, means embracing the universal language of that which has kept the soul moving forward on its journey for as long as it has been.

This universal language is, of course LOVE and that is why love, and its many, many principles of truth, beauty and goodness, is the true religion of all truth seeking souls.

Love, in its pure form, cares not for the skin colour, sexual orientation, gender or political persuasion of the spirit to which it becomes attached.

Love cares only for you for who YOU are.

And remember always, that when you feel alone, or that when you feel ‘unloved’ that there are legions, upon legions of fellow spiritual souls out there who really do LOVE you, despite perhaps never previously having met you.

A strange concept to grasp maybe, but I speak the truth when I say that LOVE really is the religion of the spiritual student.

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