Why Surrounding Yourself With POSITIVE People Is SO Important

As Spiritual Students, we try hard to always surround ourselves with positive people and positive things.

The more aware and the more ‘awake’ we become, then the easier it is for us to be able to identifying people who carry a sincere positive energy with them.

But why is it so important to try and surround ourselves with positive people?

If you have someone in your life, who you are close to, who seems to always make you feel down or depressed, then they will end up draining you of your positive energy.

If you have not yet mastered to the techniques which will enable you to replenish this positive energy, then you might find that you spend much of your time feeling emotionally exhausted and and physically drained.

But by surrounding yourself with positive people who are sincere in their dealings with you, then you will find not only that your own positive energy is not depleted as quickly, but also that you will be able to spend more time ‘enhancing’ your own positive energy rather than trying to replace it.

Making the decision to surround yourself with positive people, can require some hard and tough decisions to be made.

But if someone in your life is constantly absorbing your own positive energy in order to, for example, fulfill their own ego, then their effect on your wellbeing can be quite severe.

There is no time, like the present.

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