Why We Should ALWAYS Look At Things With A Different Perspective

During your spiritual awakening and during your life-journey in this reality, you will often form an opinion about something or someone that does not change much over time.

This is completely natural; as the saying goes ‘first impressions last forever..’

But what if we continued to look at things with a different perspective or from a different ‘angle’? How could doing this help our spiritual awakening and spiritual development?

Whenever I start a spiritual development or spiritual counselling session with someone, part of this process involves showing them a set of images.

The images are picked by me and each image is chosen for a very particular reason.

I ask my clients to let me know what the first thing that comes into their mind is, each time they see one of the images.

Their answers enables me to gain an understanding in relation to their current levels of spiritual awareness in relative to their own experiences which they have had so far during this physical life.

One of the images within this collection, is a picture of the sun.

So far, all of my clients have said, more-or-less, the same thing when they see this particular image. They tell me that they feel ‘warmth’ and that they feel ‘light’ when they see the picture of the sun.

But, there is a different answer that I am looking for, in relation to this particular image, that I am yet to hear from an existing or new client who comes to me for spiritual counselling sessions.

I won’t go into the details here in relation to the answer that I am looking for, but instead I would just like to point out that there are many, many different ways to see the same object.

Whether it be the sun, the moon or even a tree.

To keep re-thinking about the ‘things’ around us and what they really are and what they could really mean, will keep you thinking using new trains of thought which you may not have considered before.

So next time you, for example, see the moon in a clear night sky, think not about what others have told you about the moon and instead think about the energy that you get from the moon when gazing upon it and think about how you perceive and/or interpret this energy…

You will be surprised by what could happen…

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  • The sun to me is a portal of energy, a doorway of sorts, that leads somewhere else. I also think it is conscious in a way I don’t quite understand but feel. I personally journal and often journal from right to left, backwards, and write with my left hand. It feels like seeing things in a new way.

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